Sunday, October 12, 2008


I've always wondered why when Loki plays with Pong (or generally any other smaller female dog), he flips himself and puts himself in a vulnerable position with his belly up, gets mad, and runs under the table to hide. Obviously he has the physical advantage, but he never uses it!

Luckily, this study confirms what I've always thought!

Boys are silly!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Dog or Human?

In response to Dennis's post... I present you with another human Vizsla.

If anyone is curious as to how he draws the blankets up to his neck, the answer is simple - he just walks in from the other side throwing up the blanket with his head until he gets comfortably inside the blankets, curls up, and slowly sticks his nose/heads out as the temperature under the covers get too hot.

Right now, Loki is next to me with only his nose sticking out. His head is resting on my leg making it very hard for me to write my essay... and for some reason, his entire leg is extended across my leg.

Oh wait. He got out. And now he's panting.

Silly dog. Doesn't he realize that if it's too hot, that he can just get out of the blanket?!

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Called the pet hospital in NC and found out that they did indeed put two microchips in due to the whole mess with American scanners being unable to read European microchips. Now I can rest at ease knowing that this monster is 100% mine and that he didn't have a secret life before coming home with me and Jason.

I am proud to report that Loki's feet are finally paid off. It only took me two weeks of working part time to pay for everything. Ha. There's a Chinese saying that those with big nose are prone to power and money, but money flows easily from those with big nostrils. Let's see...

Yep. Those are some pretty big nostrils. 

His feet seem to be returning to normal. We bought a muzzle to prevent him from biting but only used it the first day we had it. Everything's still a bit red, but at least he's not mutilating himself anymore. Hopefully this allergy season passes quickly. Mine have been acting up like crazy and I really don't want to end up in the ER again with asthma problems. 

Monday, September 8, 2008

Vet Appointment

Well, the vet appointment on Saturday went well (I think).

We (went with a friend who wanted to check out the Animal Hospital) spent less than 5 minutes waiting after we checked in. Didn't have to fill out any new patient paperwork because I gave them all the information over the phone while making the appointment.

After we got into the room, we spent no more than 2 minutes waiting for the vet after the pet nurse was finished. Amazing - the shortest wait I've ever had.

When the vet got in, she explained to me the tests that she wanted to do to figure out if there was a cause other than allergies causing the itchy feet. Ran the tests and they all came back negative for yeast and mites. Unfortunately, she found a bacterial infection so Loki was put on antibiotics. Gave us a prescription for these special wipes that are anti-fungal and anti-bacterial so that we could prevent future infections.

I asked her about a cyst that we found in NC under his armpit. (The vet in NC told us to just have it checked out every once in a while). She gave me a very confused look after touching it and said that it was probably a microchip. I returned her confused look and told her that the vet in NC said that they implanted the microchip between the shoulder blades. A quick scan revealed that Loki actually has two microchips... Odd. I know I put one in, but the other one?? Pet store? Breeder? I have the numbers - one is European and one is American but I have no idea how to look up the information based on the numbers. I guess I'll have to call the vet in NC up and see if they actually put two in... although I do not remember signing the paperwork for two.

The animal hospital was actually amazing. From appointment making to actual appointment to follow up... the service was well worth the price ($60 for an office visit). I was on the phone with an emergency tech without even being put on hold when I called in this morning about antibiotic side-effects.

As for the allergies, the vet said that they had a dermatologist in-house that could help me do the testing and the de-sensitization, but he'd be on the shots for the rest of his life. By the way she said rest-of-his-life and asked me if there were any problem areas for him, I think she was just hinting that I should just keep a better look-out. Stayed with the time-old recommendation of Benedryl and sent us on our way.

Grr. Problem dog. He's lucky he's so cute and that I like him so much. The money I made from working this week covered only half the cost for this visit.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


We have an appointment here on Saturday morning for Loki's allergies. They've been getting really bad now to the point where his feet are completely raw and red (from him biting). His eyes and mouth have also been getting more and more swollen, and yesterday, he started having a reverse sneeze fit.


Until we get some medicine, here's what my mom and I came up with to prevent Loki from biting his feet.

Umm, plan 1 failed obviously. But it sure was amusing while it lasted!