Monday, October 1, 2007

The dog ate my homework

I know he's a puppy and all, but imagine how pissed off I was today when Loki took off running through my house with all my class notes from the beginning of the semester to now (for the only class that really matters right now... the one with a 10 page paper due at 8 am tomorrow), tripping over the papers, ripping them, and chewing them to little bits.

I couldn't get him to stop. Not even with the chicken. He was having way too much fun, and I was about ready to cry by the time I caught onto him and convinced him to drop the papers. I still am ready to cry. You try writing a 10 page paper heavily based on class notes from memory.

The evil being is currently sitting in his cage doing a bit of interior decorating with the towels I just gave him, and chewing up his bone. Odd. He's recently begun eating his rawhide bones. I think I need to get him smaller ones otherwise the bigger ones will collect lots of bacteria and viruses.

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