Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Going to NJ

Well, wish us luck. I gotta get in the car alone for a 10 hour drive up to Jersey with Loki in the front seat harness-belted in and the cat roaming around. I have half a mind to stick Glitter in her carrying case, but for some reason, I don't think she'll take to it well. Hopefully Glitter has the common sense to stay away from the dog and avoid getting her head bitten off.

I've been trying the pennies in a soda can trick though. I gotta say it works REALLY well to get the two animals to stop fighting.

With Jason gone so often, sometimes I really think I need a break from these two. Then I get reminded of how well they help me deal with him being gone and how much faster the time goes by. The something bad will happen like Loki getting into his treat bag and flinging it all over the room. At which point, I escape to a friend's house. It works out well in the end. I keep my sanity.

Well... Loki and I are off to bed now. I think I'll pack up his crate in the car tonight and let him stay in the room. We'll see how he does with the whole attacking the cat deal between now and when I finish packing the car for our trip.

Right now, Loki's stalking the cat. He's in true hunting dog mode with his tail and nose stuck in a straight line and walking very slowly towards the cat. He also keeps looking at me as if he's looking for approval for eating the cat. Nuh uh. Not gonna get it here.

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