Friday, October 19, 2007

Halloween... pictures!

Whoa. I have NOT updated this thing in a while. I guess I got too caught up in Halloween and Jason coming home (after being in the field for a week). Well anyway, this year I went all out on Halloween... probably because it's my first significant holiday with my new family - Jason, the dog, and the cat. 3 of us got costumes (I DOUBT the cat will let us put a costume on her.) We decorated (about 100 dollars worth of decorations) and we bought 30 dollars worth of candy in the form of king size bars (can you tell I REALLY want trick-or-treaters?!)

Here's pictures of Loki in his costume. We ordered it two weeks ago, and just got it today. I'm very happy with it =)

I got the costume here if anyone is interested. I'll just add that their customer service is GREAT!

Onto the pictures:

How cute =)

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