Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The hamburgers

Loki didn't do anything really interesting today, but Jason and I nearly burned the house down trying to grill hamburgers indoors. As a result, I had to play tag with the animals, herding Loki out to the backyard where he'd have fresh air, and the kitty to our bedroom behind closed door. In the process, the animals switched place, with the kitten attempting to scale the fence in a break for freedom, and Loki running out of the bedroom with my underwear in his mouth.

Finally, I got the two of them to their respective places, we finished grilling the hamburgers, and cut up a few pattys to use as training treats.

Human food, I know, is horrible for animals. But it seems to work so much more effectively than any treat he's ever had, and it's not as if we overfeed him. Even if he's getting more calories than he needs in a day, he's so active that those calories burn right off, and he stays the nice, muscular, lean doggie he always has been. The chicken breast isn't that bad since he only gets about five 1/2 inch chunks a day (not even half a breast), but the hamburgers might be. I'll make sure to note any changes in his behavior, exercise, weight, and fitness. His primary diet is still doggie chow, and we substitute the meat for his treats.

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