Sunday, October 14, 2007

Intermediate class

Well, dog training classes are starting to get a bit more fun, haha (and funny now that we're friendlier with the trainer). We've been working on commands with distractions, which is really fun because the trainer just goes around throwing balls, squeaking toys, tossing treats and whatever. We also get to go out in the store with people passing around, carts rolling, and other animals not being trained crossing in our paths while training.

We learned yesterday that we can train Loki with a ball instead of with treats. Which actually works a bit better now that we've switched him to raw and can't use the processed treats anymore.

He did really good yesterday, most likely because he was so tired out from the afternoon walk. He listened to everything we said, stayed close with the loose leash walking, and started learning the other things quickly.

I guess he's only a bad dog when he's hyper.

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