Friday, October 5, 2007

Just dropped him off

Well, this morning, I got a nice greeting while waking up. I asked Jason to get Loki ready for the vet's office while rolling out of bed. Two seconds later, there was a panting and wagging tail Vizsla nosing my hand. I screamed. I don't know why. It was probably way too early in the morning to see a big giant puppy standing by me.

Anyway, he followed me from point A to point B as I got dressed and ready, then I started whining about taking him to be neutered. Jason has always been against it. I just don't want Loki to be an illegitimate baby-daddy (or deal with the aggression.. the running away.. etc.) But I couldn't do it this morning. I just felt so guilty, and the worst part is that he had no idea what was to come. He walked into Petsmart happily (or more like dragged me in... I'm still working on the pulling issue with him. Still not perfected) and greeted the ladies at the desk.

But yeah. I left him there. They tried to convince me I needed three tests or whatever to test for van Wildebrand. One was $20, one was $40, and the other was $200. I know our pup doesn't have van Wildebrand - first, he's had his dew paws removed, his tail docked, has gotten open cuts many times from the kitty, and has played too rough with Jason to the point where he somehow cut his gum and was bleeding. Each time, he was fine - he didn't die. Now, I agreed to pay for the $20 test as a precaution. But, there's no way I'm spending $260 to test for the same thing over and over. The first test would be that they'd draw blood and see how long it took to clot over. The second was that they'd draw blood from the gum, and the final one would be a full blood panel to be sent to a lab. If they find problems with the first one, then sure, I'll send away for the blood panel. But again. Not testing 3 times for the same thing... I love this pup, but there's better things to spend money on.

That's one of the things I hate about Banfield. They try to sell you more products than you need. Whether it's prescription medicine (we went through three different medicines with Loki's upset stomach... and not once did they take take a fecal sample/test until I told him that we found worms in his feces. If they did, they would've found his worms sooner than I found them, and I wouldn't have had to buy those first two medicines. Oh. The fecal test? It's free in my plan. Of course it makes sense to pursue the costliest options first. Making the owner pay for a plethora of prescription medicines just to test them out.) or prescription food. I was never once advised that I could feed Loki chicken and rice instead of the I/D food. I went online and sought advice for that. The chicken and rice worked so much better than the I/D.

I'd definitely recommend Banfield if you're not one of those owners that worry too much about your pet's illnesses - if you just want the normal spaying/neutering and puppy shots. But in terms of ripping you off for anything not covered by your plan, they won't hesitate.

I'm definitely just getting him on a regular pet health insurance plan as soon as our Banfield plan expires. Unfortunately, that won't be until next year.

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