Saturday, October 27, 2007

Loki the Wonderdog

I went out today for dinner with my friends, and when I got home, my parents looked completely frazzled and tired.

Apparently half an hour ago, my mom went to let Loki out for a run, and my dad opened the house door while the garage door was open. The cat decided to dart out of the house and run towards the main street. When Loki saw this, he decided that the cat wasn't going to act up on his watch, and darted right after her. My parents got scared for a minute because the two of them were running towards the street, but suddenly the cat stopped, and Loki decided to slowly stalk her. He finally got right on top of her and stood on her until my parents came over to retrieve her.

Basically, he tracked her across our yard, the street, and to the edge of the neighbor's house. I'm impressed. He saved my parents ALOT of grief from having to run across the main street to get her (and also probably saved her from getting hit by a car). Good dog... Very good dog.

(On the subject of good dog, bad cat... the cat somehow dunked her entire butt/tail into a pot of pork shoulder that my parents had cooked last night. There was still like, 4 days of leftovers in that pot. Then, she sat on a green bag, and somehow got her entire backside dyed green. Finally, she ran all over the house, leaving grease streaks and green spots on everything, from the piano top, to the couches, to my mom's formal dining chairs...)

I think my parents are about to kick the cat to the garage and allow Loki to stay in the house, haha.

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