Saturday, October 27, 2007

NJ update/Delayed vet rant

Wowza. I didn't realize feeding Loki would be so expensive in NJ. I'm used to buying a 10 pound bag of 47 cent/pound chicken quarters and spending less than 7 dollars for a whole week of meal. Over here, I'm paying close to 87 cents per pound for a whole chicken and having to split it. I'd rather go with the quarters, but they only sell brand names like Tyson's and for over a dollar a pound! At least he's getting to try different parts of the chicken like the neck and the ribs. He's still doing fine on the raw... much to my vet's disappointment I guess. He's chomping down the bones like a pro, and loves meal time. He also doesn't shun his food at all, no matter what time I'm feeding him or how off schedule I am.

Oh, an update on the last vet trip before I left for Jersey... I made an appointment while we were still on the kibbles regarding the diarrhea. By the time I was able to see the vet, Loki was already on raw for a week and a few days. I gave her my normal complaints about the kibbles, then mentioned that we're on raw and that Loki was having the normal diarrhea from transitioning to a new food. She immediately gave me all the bads against raw, and advised me to switch to their prescription food again. This time, she wanted me to try a low fat/carbs kibble. For some reason, she couldn't understand that I did NOT want to stay on regular manufactured kibbles, and would feel MUCH better about going completely grain-free. I honestly don't think she understood how important the phrase "grain-free" was to me, because if she did, she would have been able to find me a high-end brand of kibbles that were in fact grain free. (I know they exist. Why? Because I was already looking into it before going to raw).

I paid for everything she wanted me to... the fecal test, the metrinidolzole and took her two prescription cards (useless because I wasn't going to buy them anyway) just in case I ever wanted to adopt a rescue and needed a vet reference. But I left extremely unhappy and wishing that my vet could focus MORE on my own concerns instead of running in her own direction and trying to change my mind on everything. It seemed almost as if she was combating me on everything and not trying to be supportive at all, even when I said I would consider staying on kibbles, if she could find me a grain-free one.

Anyway, back to Jersey. I went out yesterday to get him a few toys since I forgot all his toys in NC and he was getting very bored in his crate. I made goood choices I think =) I got him a Bad Cuz which is just a tough rubber squeaky ball with feet and tiny horn ears (really cute... too bad Loki already chewed off one of the pointy ears) and I got him a Bungee Dog... just a regular stuffed animal that has a bungee cord in it instead of stuffing. I figured I had enough of picking up stuffing after he murdered a toy, so I'd try something new. Today, we're headed to Petco for their Halloween contest, which I'm hoping we'll win! If we win, he's definitely getting a new toy with the gift card.

Oh, and I found a site that sells exactly what I've been looking for for a while - digital camo collars. Now Loki and his daddy can match! Or maybe Loki's daddy will just think I'm insane. Who cares. He already thinks I'm insane enough. But he's stuck. He married me. Ha. Sucka. (Alright, so maybe this rainy and cold weather is driving me a bit batty...)

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