Thursday, October 25, 2007

Trip up

Well, Loki didn't do so bad on the trip, but Glitter did. I stopped every hour to let him out and stretch his legs. There were no accidents on the ride either =) Near the end of the trip, he started getting restless and started whining and pawing at my arm (not a good idea - I couldn't help but swerve since I drive with my right hand up high and he was pawing at a weak spot in my arm).

The cat... well... let's not get into that. She's just a spoiled brat who thinks it's her holy right to be perched up on my shoulder while I'm driving. When she was 1.2 pounds and a tiny kitty, that might've been acceptable. Now, she has claws, weighs significantly more, and has STRENGTH enough to move my head from its original position. I didn't want to let her up on my shoulder while I was driving because the weather conditions were already horrible enough. It was 6:30 AM, the sun still hadn't come out, and it was pouring out. I ended up pulling over because she kept pushing and pushing, putting her in her carrier, and letting her out to roam the car only while I was walking Loki and not driving. She protested. Loudly. Didn't stop meowing for 9.5 hours. I'm amazed she still has a voice.

Loki loves Jersey, or at least he loves my parent's backyard/front yard. I don't blame him. There's lots of things to chase around and lots of room for him to run around in. Plus the grass is fresh, and there's no dog poop hidden at all. We're going to have a fun 4 days =)

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