Monday, October 15, 2007

Vet visit

Well, big surprise - my vet doesn't support raw feeding (or at least that's the official position of Banfield Animal Hospital). Salmonella dangers and all that. Well, if she could give me a better alternative to having my puppy constantly diarrhea, then I'd love to hear it. I don't see the merits in spending $2 a day feeding Loki "prescription" food (where's the medicine in the prescription food, huh? The main ingredient is egg yolks - great. I'll give Loki egg yolks as part of his raw diet), and I definitely don't see any benefits to keeping him on kibbles and having him puke at least three times a week and having him come down with diarrhea every other day.

Just my rant.

I didn't even get a chance to speak with the vet today - they were too busy. There were at least 5 walk-ins when we got there for our 2:00 appointment, so they just took Loki to the back. They said he looked "great", which makes me really wonder... didn't they just say he had an INFECTION 4 days ago?! How does an infection look great?! I mean, I can tell the infection is there so it's not as if it's cleared up. So again. How can an infection look great. The least they could've done was tell me that the infection was still there. If I didn't clarify with them what they meant by "great", I would've just gone home and stopped feeding him the antibiotics. Hell, if he's great, he doesn't need them.

I'm thinking we need a new vet. I'm going to ask for suggestions when we start our new training class in January. I wish we never signed up for this Banfield Wellness Plan. It just makes my pet matter less to them because they know I'm bound by contract to pay, regardless of if I use their service or not.

Oh yeah, and when I left, I was so flustered by the visit that while putting Loki in the car, I left his lead on top of the car. Imagine my surprise when halfway out into Western Blvd. which I guess could be called the main shopping strip in my town (think, 55 mph, 3 lanes each direction, multiple traffic lights), I heard a loud clunk and saw something greenish flying into the middle of the street. I had to stop, turn around, park my car on a slanted shoulder, and run into the middle of the road to grab the leash. No way was I leaving that thing there. That's our second $15 lead. Needless to say, I got it, but I also got a number of strange looks from other drivers.

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