Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Weekday craziness

I swear, every Monday morning, Loki goes crazy because he realizes that Jason is no longer home to play with him all day. Yesterday, he didn't go insane cause Jason had the day off, but he's in for a shock. He woke up this morning probably expecting his usual rough and tumble, but no Jason. Unfortunately for him, there's not going to be a Jason until Friday night. Poor little guy. At least he gets to sleep in the bed all week though.

He met a few new people yesterday... Jason's uncle/aunt/cousins from New York. The little guy just had to go and embarrass us by grabbing their shoes and running around with them at any given chance. Eventually, since he wouldn't be quiet in the kennel, and because he kept causing trouble around the house, I had to leash him in the house and interrupt the conversation every two seconds to take the leash from his mouth. Theres no way I'm going to allow him to chew through another 15 dollar leash.

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