Saturday, November 17, 2007

Holiday Parade

We took Loki to the holiday parade today and most likely scarred him for life, heh.

We didn't factor in all the loud noises and such, so Loki tried to run away each time the marching band approached and the sirens came on from the firetrucks and police cars. He was also a bit freaked out by the motorcycles. Near the end of the parade, he started getting a bit more used to everything, so that's a good thing.

It was pretty bad when Loki started dragging Jason in the middle of the MC Band playing the Hymn (he was standing at attention, and all the sudden nearly fell over because Loki decided he wanted to get away from the drums).

At least he had fun with the other dogs that were around. There was this adorable tiny V mix (had way too much white on her to be pure V) but Loki paid no attention to her. He opted to play with the big dogs instead =)

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