Sunday, November 4, 2007

Oh man...

I know I haven't been blogging alot recently, but I have a good reason. On Halloween night, 9 PM, I was taken to the ER due to an asthma attack. I was there until about 2 in the morning on various breathing treatments, and really learned the value of oxygen. Seriously. I've been recovering since, so I haven't gotten a chance to play with Loki or really do anything worthwhile with him.

Unfortunately, the doctors seem to want to blame my cat and Loki for the asthma attack. They say it was an allergy attack that led to an asthma attack. My main doctor advised me to give the two away, but I just can't. Not after living nearly 5 months with the two of them. They're literally family now. I have to stay away from Loki (in the sense that I can no longer cuddle on the couch with him, or let him sleep in the room while Jason's on a "business trip"), but the allergy medicines are really helping out in terms of still allowing me to breathe.

I currently have two inhalers (one to twice a day, and one to use when I feel an onsetting attack), 2 allergy pills, and a nasal spray. I was also on steroids for 4 days to keep my lungs open after the breathing treatment in the ER.

I'm at a loss as to what to do with Loki and Glitter. I can't give them away, but I also can't keep risking the attacks. I'm hoping that with all the allergy medicines, I'll be able to eventually build up enough defenses against the allergens, but I'm also sort of hoping that my doctor can offer me allergy shots sooner or later. I've lived with all sorts of allergy problems since young, and I'd love a quick-fix.

(Loki's been great all week with Jason - the two of them did really well in classes in terms of staying for distractions. He's also been losing his hyperness, but I think that somewhat has to do with the energy that I've been giving off recently.) I guess Jason should be the one blogging about Loki, but I'm the computer one, and not him.

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Patty Dogster said...

wow, hang in there! I hope you're feeling better...and I'm definitely voting for Loki. Cutie!