Friday, December 7, 2007


So. I took away the raw hide because he was eating it way too fast for my liking (ate one knob and a half of the bone in less than a week) and gave him a pig ear. He ate that way too fast too. It took him less than 10 minutes.

Finally, I dug through all his old toys and found a nylabone that my aunt got him a while ago. I thought those things were supposed to be ultra durable or whatever. Nope. I found one of the knobs separated from the bone and Loki chewing on the knob just 5 minutes ago. Augh. I might have to get him one of these.

I think I'll stop by petsmart today and see if they have any ultradurable plushies. He already ripped apart all of his, and I think he's getting a bit sad over not having any toys.

On a good note, since our husbands are out in the field for 2 weeks, my friend has been coming over with her dog every night. The two puppies go at it for 5 hours, then sleep through the night. Or at least mine does. Loki and I slept in until 10:30 today. And yes, he's been sleeping with me every night and hogging up the bed. He figured out that staying under the covers = warmth this morning, so he completely hogged the blankets as well. Hrmph.

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Phil said...

Hi- I google "vizsla barks alot" and found your blog. We also have a vizsla, lucky is 5 now. We got him when he was 2. I really didn't want a dog but my daughters did. Now I'm so happy we got him, he is the best. He loves to chew on raw-hide too, that one in your pictures is huge! I love my vizsla, they are the best dogs in the world! There are a couple pics of lucky on my blogspot. I'm going to bookmark your page and check back once in a while. Lucky barks alot too but it doesn't bother me. He barks when he is happy and excited and that is good!