Saturday, October 13, 2007

Starting on the raw

Well, we started Loki on the raw food today, and so far, there have been no complaints from him.

Unfortunately, he's food aggressive with it (again). Which leaves me in a position where I'm going to have to really just work with him on it. He had 3/4 pound of chicken breast this morning and currently, he's munching on a pound of chicken quarters (bone and all).

My time at Walmart picking out meat was a bit awkward. I just sorta picked out a 10 pound bag of chicken quarters nonchalantly and dropped it in the cart. Then I walked over to the chicken gizzards/heart and picked out a package of that. I was going to get some beef liver, but I couldn't. One of the bags broke through, so there was liver juice all over the place. I need to probably work on figuring out a bit more what to really feed him so that he'll stay healthy, but it doesn't seem that intimidating anymore.

He's having a bit of difficulty getting through and eating the bone. He's already spent about 10 minutes munching on this leg... I'm just hoping he doesn't take much longer otherwise the bacteria will really start to populate. Oh well... at least he's doing it in his crate so raw chicken doesn't get everywhere...


Loki had a GREAT day today. I've been e-mailing this lady who lived in the area recently about raw feeding Loki. She gave me lots of advice, and when I mentioned his energy level, she asked if I wanted to be part of a dog group. We ended up meeting two grown Ridgebacks and one 3 month old Ridgeback at ... Harrier landing field (?) on base. The 4 of them spent about an hour off leash walking a trail, splashing around in a little stream (you should've seen Loki go headfirst into a deep section of the stream... he figured out how to get up quickly, but the look on his face when he got out was hilarious) and wandering around the woods. He kept getting little burrs in his foot which he wasn't too happy about with, but the other dog-parents helped me out with him.

This is something we're definitely going to do again - it sure beats just taking Loki to the dog park and letting him run wild amongst 20-30 dogs at once who might not necessarily want to play. With a smaller number of dogs (that I trust), I can probably let loose a little bit more and depend on the older dogs to teach Loki some manners.

Friday, October 12, 2007


Someone showed me this really nice link about tug-of-war while on Dogster. I just got around to reading it this morning, but needless to say, my mind is changed about tug-of-war.

Here it is.

This other link is just plain funny. Maybe my sense of humor is too crude though, haha. If you have kids around, make sure they can't read!

Last night

He peed on the bed =(

Looks like I was dead as a rock and he's not fully potty trained. Dang it. Back to square one.

Thursday, October 11, 2007


Now his bites don't hurt at all! I just slip my finger through the two holes in his mouth now from the 2 missing bottom canines. Now think how great it would be if he lost the top two before the bottom two grew out! Then I could easily put my finger in his mouth and slip it through to the other side!

(Then he'd probably need all his food blended too...)

Aand he lost another canine

Now he looks like an old man without teeth, hehe. I always know when my pup is about to lose a tooth cause he acts like a little kid about it - you know, "wiggle wiggle tooth, must get out, must not let mommy see so I'll just wiggle it with my tongue"...

Gave him some ice and he's chewing on that nicely now. Before, he was trying to grab everything in the house to chew on.


I hate Tuesdays and Thursdays because it means the following things:
  1. I have to wake up for class at 5:45 AM
  2. I have to drive an hour each way to get to class
  3. I'm taking 5 classes from 8 in the morning to 3:15 pm back to back
  4. Loki's in his kennel all day from 6:30 am to 5:00 pm
  5. I have to allow a stranger into my house to walk Loki around noon
  6. I don't get to see my pup all day =(
  7. He's lonely =(
  8. I feel like a bad parent

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Puppy 500 Relay

I wish I had my camera right now... Loki is going insane running around the house, grabbing things out of his crate, running around with them, dropping them, picking up something new, running, dropping, etc.

It's so great seeing him miss picking something up while mid-run since he growls at the thing when he misses. Honestly, I don't think it's safe for him to be running up and down my couch and coffee table, but even if I wanted to, I couldn't stop him.

Raw Feed

Does anyone have their dog on the raw feed diet? If so, can you email me or leave me a comment with information such as how much my dog should be getting fed, what he should be getting fed, how much you spend per month on raw feed, and how much preparation time goes into it? Thanks.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Just picked out Loki's Halloween costume today and ordered it.
Hopefully Jason doesn't kill me. Hopefully Loki doesn't kill me for humiliating him...

Loki the Monkey

Auuuugh, you try chasing a 30 pound puppy around the house who is currently collarless and see how easy that is! I got a free sample of Greenies in the mail today, and the cat kept knocking it off the table. I didn't realize, and went to take Loki's collar off to adjust it.

The second he realized the biscuits were on the floor, he took off and grabbed the packet. I ended up chasing him around the house SEVERAL times before I finally tackled him. AUUUGH. I'm all sweaty and he's all happy and panting. Evil monkey.


Why oh why oh why is my dog trying to eat bugs flying around in the air?!

Weekday craziness

I swear, every Monday morning, Loki goes crazy because he realizes that Jason is no longer home to play with him all day. Yesterday, he didn't go insane cause Jason had the day off, but he's in for a shock. He woke up this morning probably expecting his usual rough and tumble, but no Jason. Unfortunately for him, there's not going to be a Jason until Friday night. Poor little guy. At least he gets to sleep in the bed all week though.

He met a few new people yesterday... Jason's uncle/aunt/cousins from New York. The little guy just had to go and embarrass us by grabbing their shoes and running around with them at any given chance. Eventually, since he wouldn't be quiet in the kennel, and because he kept causing trouble around the house, I had to leash him in the house and interrupt the conversation every two seconds to take the leash from his mouth. Theres no way I'm going to allow him to chew through another 15 dollar leash.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Another Dog Day

Yesterday, Jason and I decided to give the puppy a "puppy day". So, we planned out a day where the pup could be with us all day with all of us having a decent amount of fun. Since this area of NC doesn't seem to be very doggie friendly (with the exception of Petsmart, which he already visits twice a week), we decided to take him out to Wilmington, NC where there's a dog park, a dog friendly restaurant, and where the beach has recently been opened to dogs.

So around 3, we headed to Wilmington which was an hour away. Got to the dog park and watched Loki pick on a number of dogs that were bigger and older than him. He was definitely the least uncoordinated dog at the dogpark... let's just say that I've never seen a dog do as many faceplants as him...

After that, we headed to South Beach Grill in Wrightsville Beach, NC and had a GREAT dinner. Jason got the Shrimp Scampi while I got the Filet Mingnon. Loki had a good time staring at everyone and trying to eat the bush next to us. Go figure.

Finally, we went to the beach to show Loki the water. Since he just got neutered the other day, we didn't let him in the water. But it really didn't matter... he seemed to be afraid of the water anyway. Oh well. He had a great time digging holes in the sand which I had to cover up since it was dark and there were people walking on the beach.

That's about it. He passed out in the car and came home and went straight to sleep. Silly doggie.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Last night...

We wanted to see if Loki was really potty trained, so we kept him in our room with us last night. From about 11 PM to 3 AM, he chased the cat around the floor, around the bed, and over us. At around 4:30 AM, Jason tapped me to show me that he was sleeping on the pup's body and that the pup's head was resting on his shoulder (toooo cute). At around 6 AM, Jason tapped me again to show me the puppy and the kitty sleeping peacefully together at the foot of the bed. Finally, at 6:30 AM, I woke up to find the puppy sleeping between my leg, with his head on my thigh, dead as a log.

At 7:30, he started sniffing around, so I took him out. At 7:45, we came back in to say good morning to Jason, who grumbled and rolled out of bed. Finally, at 8 AM, we all left the room, but before we did... Loki JUST had to prove that he couldn't have a peaceful night, and so he puked twice on the bedroom floor.

What a weird first night.