Sunday, February 17, 2008

Moody Loki

For the past few days, one of my friends* has been hanging out at my house.

This week, Loki suddenly decided he had a huge crush on her, and wouldn't take her eyes/various body parts off of her. I guess the crush ended earlier today because Loki just forgot all his manners and started stepping on her to reach "his spot" on the couch. He also stretched out, took the entire couch, and ended up kicking her right in the stomach.

Sheesh. So much for the puppy love, huh?

* This is the same friend who 4 months ago, was scared of Loki to the point where she attempted to hide behind her husband's back around Loki. Of course, 4 months ago, Loki was 4 months old and had no idea the meaning behind manners.

1 comment:

Rio Rocket said...

Cute! puppies go through their up/downs.