Thursday, February 21, 2008

Puppy Destruction Round 2

This is what happens when a puppy doesn't get enough exercise. (See why Loki was in jail now?)

This first one was while I was at school today. Tuesdays and Thursdays are bad days for Loki because he's basically alone (with the exception of the dog walker who comes at 1 PM) from 6:30 AM to 6:00 PM. When Jason's home, he'll usually stop in at lunch, but Jason's been in California. He somehow pulled the second beanbag chair (not shown in the picture) into his kennel and proceeded to make it snow foam beans everywhere around/in his kennel. Since I was an idiot and had no idea how to clean it, I took out the dustbuster and managed to blow more foam all over the living room. Meanwhile, Loki had a grand time jumping around all the beans and spreading them all over the place, while acting scared of the ones that were clinging to his side/back/belly/feet/legs/everything.

This second one was done yesterday. Glitter managed to shred a little bit of the bottom lining of my boxspring and crawled in. Since Loki wanted to play, he managed to pull down the entire bottom lining while I was doing some homework downstairs. (I'm keeping the bedroom door CLOSED from now on).

But aww, how could you be mad at this face?


Rio Rocket said...

I am laughing SO HARD but it's not at you it's WITH YOU! The things our 4-legged kids do and we still love them. Have a Coke and a smile and in a month you'll be laughing too.

dennisthevizsla said...

hi this is dennis the vizsla dog i just want to ap ... apolo ... say im sorry for setting a bad ekzampul for loki im going to turn over a nu leef and stop taring up stuff starting rite now so mama you can stop crating me okay?


i dont think she beleeves me ...