Friday, February 29, 2008

Wow, dangerous.

I decided a while ago that because my Spring Break was going to be while Jason was gone, I'd go up to NJ to visit some family and friends (also so that I wouldn't have to feel completely alone while in Jacksonville...)

Unfortunately, that meant taking a restless Loki-puppy-monster on a 9-10 hour drive.

Right before we left this morning (at 6 AM), I went to go put Loki's car harness on. Found that somehow, he grew enough in a month that the dang thing wouldn't fit around his chest anymore. Since it was 6 in the morning and I wasn't really awake, I decided that the backseat mesh barrier that was already in my car would do the trick of restraining him.

Didn't work. Loki started chewing off the strings of the mesh barrier even before we left the driveway (I don't know why... he's never done it before), and he was sitting next to me in the passenger seat staring out the front window by the time we hit the NC/VA border. I had his leash wrapped around the headrest, but he kept moving around that he kept undoing the wrap and would end up either free, or about to hang himself.

I'm annoyed at myself right now because I knew how dangerous it was for him to just be sitting there (if I got into an accident or something) and also because I knew how dangerous it would be for me while driving if Loki suddenly decided he wanted to be in my lap. I mean, I'm smart enough to get a travel kennel for Glitter, but not for Loki apparently.

It's a good thing we all made it alive, but just the possibilities alone scare me.

(Don't worry too much about the trip back - I've already purchased another travel harness for Loki, and I'm going back to Petco before I leave to see if I can possibly get a kennel for Loki that'll fit in my backseat and will fit him... any suggestions... I drive a tiny compact Toyota Corolla?)


Rio Rocket said...

ugh! good luck! be creative without putting too much strain on the pocket book. Probably the most cost effective for you is a seatbelt harness/strap that buckles into the latch. I'm lucky my mom drives a Chevy Equinox and I get the whole back compartment to myself!

Anonymous said...

You're lucky Loki will wear a travel harness. When Tucker was a pup we tried him in one and he hated it, constantly squirming and trying to chew it, until he would wind up hanging off the seat from it like he'd had a rappelling accident. We finally gave up and now we just hope we don't crash into anything.