Friday, March 7, 2008

Hearing Aid Battery scare

Yesterday, my brother left out a packet of hearing aid batteries for Loki to take. He somehow figured that it'd be perfectly harmless. So very false. Loki, being Loki, decided to take the whole packet with two fully charged hearing aid batteries and run around the basement with them. By the time I caught up to him, I noticed that the packet was split and the hearing aid batteries were missing.

I freaked out right away and called the ASPCA animal poison control line in tears. They told me to syringe water into his mouth while tilting his head up. The main concern was that the battery fully pass through his esophagus - if it didn't, it could create a current and burn him from the inside. They also said to get him to a vet right away to take x-rays and figure out where exactly the battery was in him.

The problem was, my vet was 3 states away in NC! I called them up immediately and asked them if they could recommend someone. The closest they recommended was about 45 minutes away... completely useless. I then remembered a vet hospital that my old boss used, the East Brunswick Animal Hospital. Looked them up online, and they told me that they'd be able to get Loki in right away.

Went in, still in tears and freaking out. After filling out the paperwork, Loki and I went into a room where they poked him in various areas and took him to the x-ray room. I waited out in the waiting room for what seemed like 10 hours (actually only 15 minutes). They called me in to show me an x-ray with ABSOLUTELY NO BATTERIES IN HIM! (Thank god).

So... $269 dollars later, Loki is once again, perfectly fine, haha. The whole experience actually taught my family a valuable lesson about leaving things out though because when I got home, the basement and all its surfaces were spotless. I guess $269 is a decent price to pay to prevent something like this from happening again.

Oh, and obviously, Loki won over the hearts of everyone at the vet's office. They kept gushing about what a sweetie he was and how good he was. Nearly everyone in the waiting room came over while we were checking out to give him so love as well.

Unfortunately, Loki's already taken by his new girlfriend, Jenny, my friend and the owner of Pong Pong.


Rio Rocket said...

Sure glad nothing was wrong. Bummer on the costs. But a well learned lesson for the family

Anonymous said...

but i thawt pong pong was lokis mortal enemee now im just confused!
--dennis the vizsla

Loki said...

Yep, Pong Pong is Loki's mortal enemy, but I guess Jenny's "cheating" on Pong Pong with Loki =\ Hopefully Pong Pong doesn't find out. It'll give her another reason to hate Loki!