Monday, March 31, 2008

Loki the Disney Mascot

Here's the spankin' brand new collar we got for Loki while at Disney last week. We figured it'd be a waste of money to buy any of the toys as they'd be destroyed within a week and the only other thing they had were shirts for mini-dogs (obviously not big enough for Loki), bandannas (which Loki doesn't wear because he doesn't drool), and treats (icky).

They used to have a whole store (Disney Tails) devoted to pet items, but the store downsized. Now, everything in their collection is on one big shelf.

On a totally random but still doggish note, here's me with my favorite Disney dog/alien thing.

Oh, and here's one of the first things Glitter did when we got home and we opened the door.


Anonymous said...

Wow a Disney collar.

Now that is cool.

Mum has always wanted to go to Disney land/world.

Zig x

Anonymous said...

As you mentioned in a comment on Dennis's blog, vizslas and Stitch seem to be closely related -- so it's no wonder you like both! :-)