Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Well, NJ has been fun for both Loki and I so far.

Loki's been hanging around in my parent's basement when I've been busy. Unlike the other times we've been in NJ, Loki has proven himself to be much calmer and tame, so he's been out of the crate for most the day (as long as someone is in the basement with him - good thing for me, my brother hangs out in the basement, so he keeps an eye on Loki).

He doesn't have a full run of the backyard since my parents don't have fencing, but I did tie a 30 foot leash to my parent's deck so Loki has a pretty good amount of space to roam. He's never seen squirrels and chipmunks before, so each time we let him out, he never wants to come back in. He's also been having the time of his life chasing and eating leaves when the wind picks up.

We went to the dog park yesterday where Loki was told off by a 9 year old chihuahua mix and ended up crying and hiding in a corner... That was definitely odd. Since there was no one at the dog park aside from the dog that scared him, I took him to a nice regular park with a giant lake and woods trail. We went hiking for a bit, but each time we'd approach the lake, Loki would attempt to walk in after the ducks/geese. I finally let him go once, and he ended up just nonchalantly walking into the lake and getting up to his neck before the leash ran out. I think today we'll go back with the 30 foot leash and I'll let him go in as deep as he "wants".

Unfortunately, Loki didn't point at the ducks. Just stared and chased. Oh well.

On the home front, Loki has won over my parents by being able to sit, lie down, high-5 and shake. Easy enough. He stares at my mom obsessively each night as she eats her grapefruit, and wolfs down everything he hands her (including the white soft skin!). He was out of control on the first day we came here since my family allowed him to keep mouthing him, but the two of us had a long talk, so he knocked that off pretty quickly.

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