Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Today was our second day of agility lessons.

It's actually pretty cool having our lessons on a ranch in a barn. After successfully climbing the A-frame on his own, Loki was able to meet a gelding, a stallion, a dwarf horse and a burro (dwarf donkey).

It was actually pretty funny because before our lesson, Loki and I were walking around looking at the donkey and the dwarf horse. Since he'd never seen a donkey (or a horse!) before in his life, he was first scared, then decided to point at it. He was a bit nervous about meeting all the animals, but after he was able to catch a whiff of each animal from our trainer's hand, he calmed down. To meet the horse, he had to stand up on his hind legs and put his paws on the door which was an amazing sight in itself - Loki and a horse staring at each other nose to nose. I really wish I got a picture of that.

For training treats, we're using freeze dried chicken hearts. I never really thought I could ever be so casual about stuffing 5-10 chicken hearts in my pocket... It wasn't too bad though. They felt a bit like styrofoam and just smelled... like dog food I guess.

Today's progress was pretty much... hmm... well, Loki successfully went up and down the A-ramp on his own as mentioned. Continued to be relaxed around the see-saw (command push). Started working on jumps but stopped when he started tripping over the third level. I guess most the time was spent on the A-ramp which was a bit hard because Loki just didn't want to get up on his own.

More to come next week!

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