Thursday, May 1, 2008

Back in NJ

Boy do I have a lot to update everyone on.

But before I can, Loki and I have to unpack.

Yes. I said Loki has to unpack. We couldn't find any of his toys, Solid Gold, treats or towels yesterday so I guess I need to either find those all or re-buy everything.

(Mommy says re-buy everything. Daddy (through the phone and all the way from Iraq) says Loki has enough toys and supplies and for mommy to get off her lazy butt to unpack.)

Pictures of Loki's lush set up to come later. This dog literally has 2 bedroom apartment to himself (my parent's basement). We kicked my brother out yesterday (traded my 36" TV for his basement space) so he has it all to himself. Too bad he's still restricted to his crate when no one's home!

1 comment:

Rocket said...

You're back in action! Nice to know you made it ok. We thought we might have to mount a search party.