Friday, May 2, 2008

Days of our Lives (@ the Doggie Park)

I trust the dog parks here in NJ much more than I trust the ones in Jacksonville. Why? Because people actually treat their dogs as part of their family here, as opposed to in Jacksonville where so many puppies die from Parvo and adult dogs have illnesses that go untreated. So, one of the things I was most looking forward to about NJ was going to the dog park since we've never been in Jacksonville. I never thought a dog park would be so full of drama though.

Yesterday, someone apparently called the police due to an incident that happened right before I entered. From what I heard, there was a dog fight in the big dog section between a Pug and a JRT with the JRT instigating (I thought, pugs and JRTs weren't big dogs??). Some guy (completely unrelated to the dogs in the fight) decided to take it upon himself to step in and remove the JRT. By remove the JRT, I mean picking up the JRT and dropping it over the fence then immediately jumping in his car with his dog and driving off.

The dog took off into the woods and the owner was left circling the park (in her Jaguar... I had no idea those things were off-road vehicles and had all wheel drive!). She called the cops after it happened and it was pretty hilarious watching 2 cops (on foot) and a woman (in her Jag) try and catch that dog. It eventually came right back to the dog park where some girl let the dog in to wait for the owners and cops to catch up.

Today, I saw a pretty odd scene and I'm really not sure how I would've reacted in the situation. There were two yellow labs standing around the water fountain. One lab started humping the other with the owner standing by and not doing anything to stop the action. The owner of the humpee (for lack of better word) grabbed the humper and slammed it to the ground (which unfortunately happened to be into a big puddle next to the water fountain). The collar on the lab came off and at that point, the owner of the humper came over and had a few choice words for the humpee's owner.

Now, I understand that it's a dominance thing. I will not allow Loki to hump another dog though. I think it's rude behavior. Loki has yet to be humped (he's too quick and agile) so I don't know whether another dog humping him would bother me. I do know that I probably would have been very upset that another person touched my dog like that though.

With all that goes on at the park... I'm sure it's just a matter of time before I'm put to the test. I'm really hoping actually that with the agility club that Loki and I are joining, the dogs are allowed to play with each other a bit from time to time. That way, Loki gets his socialization and I can avoid the sort of conflict mentioned above.

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Rocket said...

You can educate the iliterate but it's hard to find "stupid"

The idiots at the dog park just befuddle me.