Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I'm starting to learn juuuust how much energy Loki has. Hopefully it's not all puppy energy and some can be attributed to being Vizsla energy though. Although, looking at Loki's new friend at the dog park (a 3 year old female V), the energy level seems to go down significantly with age.

Anyway. Here's a typical day for Loki and I in NJ. Keep in mind that I am currently on vacation and am waiting to go back to classes on the 27th.

  • Wakes up at 6:30 AM
  • Gets fed his raw meal and let out by my father around 7:30 AM
  • Terrorize the birds, bugs and squirrels and plays with various (dog) toys outside for 2 hours
  • Comes back in, waits patiently in kennel/naps until 11:00 AM when I finally wake up

Loki & I:
  • Follows me around the house until I let him out again to stalk the birds, bugs and squirrels for 30 minutes while I eat lunch at 1 PM
  • Takes a nap on the couch while I talk to Jason online or just look up things on the internet
  • 4:30 PM every day we go to the dog park until 6 or 6:30 PM depending on how busy it is there (if the dog park slows down, I bring Loki home)
  • Get let outside to eat his kibbles meal and terrorize more wildlife while we eat dinner
  • Comes inside for his daily training session with my parents and grandparents (using treats and fresh fruits... oranges and grapefruit are the fruits of choice for the season)
  • Go back outside with me to throw around a floppy disk thing for an hour
  • Comes back inside for more training with my mom
  • Settles down on couch aside my mom (supposedly, he's not allowed upstairs. Only in the basement and in the backyard. I guess my parents changed their minds!) and naps until I go back to the basement and hop on the computer
  • Sleeps through the night in his kennel
For about 3 hours every day, he's extremely active - when we're at the dog park and when I'm throwing around the floppy disk. It just completely amazes me how he doesn't slow down one bit while we're at the park and never even wants to leave. He'll come check up on me once in a while and will come when called but when it comes time to putting the leash on... well... let's just say I'm the only owner who has to drag their dog out of the park. Most dogs let their owners know when they want to leave - even if the owner doesn't want to leave just yet.

I love vacations. I'm sure Loki does too. I feel really bad for the past 8 months though... we never really let Loki use his full energy potential. Sure he got his walks and wrestling with Jason and once a week playdates but he could've been so much happier.


Rocket said...

Keep up on the training because you'll need it when he gets into his full on teenage period!

dennisthevizsla said...

Tucker was a total nut until he was three or four, then he started to settle down. (Although at the moment we're wishing he would turn into a nut again ...)