Saturday, May 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Loki!

Loki is now a year old!

Born on 05/24/07 to Sir Sidney Lancelot and Nathan's Sassy Sadie and saved from the pet store on 07/28/07.

He's come a long way since we first got him. From an awkward bumbling puppy to a graceful (most of the time) beautiful dog. Sure he still drives me insane, but oh well!

We're headed to a doggy bakery today to pick out some treats and toys for him.

Here's a puppy video that I haven't posted before. It's long and not really interesting (unless you just like watching puppies play).

Boy, this video makes me miss Jason even more. Two days ago marked the end of Jason's first month in Iraq. Hopefully these next 6 months pass by with the same speed as last month.

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Amanda said...

Happy Birthday! So glad you found a good home. Also, happy Memorial day to you & Jason. Many wishes for a safe & quick return.