Monday, May 12, 2008

Is this boy spoiled or what?

So obviously that whole, "dog stays in the basement when you come back home" thing just went out the window. Now Loki spends most his day just following me wherever I go in the house.

I guess my parents couldn't even say no to those big... yellow... eyes.

He's beyond spoiled now. My mom saves the bones and meats for him after she's done cooking. Today, the meat of choice was pork knuckles. At first, we just gave it to him whole because we figured he wouldn't try to crunch down on the thick bone. Wrong. So, we took it away to remove the meat (well, my mom did. I just sat around and took pictures) (notice I said we took it away! With no struggle! Raw meat! He's cured!)

My parents also let him in the carpeted areas of the house now (as long as that big blue blanket follows him around).

Meanwhile... Glitter sleeps safely out of Loki's reach on top of my dad's fish tank.

I'm starting to wonder if they'll ever leave. I mean, why should they! My parents treat them like royalty!


Anonymous said...

That's great progress that you can take raw meat away from him! Congratulations!

Rocket said...

Way to go Loki .... next up ... sleeping with Grandma & Grandpa!