Sunday, May 4, 2008

Loki vs. the Ant

Loki has been doing... a decent job exterminating all the ants at my parent's place. Too bad the ants usually win one over him though. Each time he tries to eat an ant, he usually licks it up, only to have it crawl all over his mouth. He'll sit there for two seconds trying to get the ant out using his tongue and when all else fails, he'll drag his mouth along the floor. The ant will fall out of his mouth mangled and covered with spit, but will also come back to life within the next 5 minutes (when Loki will repeat the entire cycle).

This time, I guess Loki won one over the ant because I didn't see it fall out of his mouth. Maybe he finally got that little meal he wanted. It was odd this time because Loki dragged his mouth along the floor to pick up the ant. Strange.


Amanda said...

Bwahah! That's too funny! A lot of work to kill each little ant.

Rocket said...

GREAT work young man just don't try that in Florida where the ants are red!

Anonymous said...

bleah ants tayst like black lickorish but bees tayst like hunny or at least thats wot tucker tells me ok bye