Friday, May 30, 2008

New vet.

I've been looking for a new vet for Loki since I moved from NC. Well, when I say looking, I mean thinking about whether I wanted to drive the 2 hours down to Red Bank, NJ to see a holistic vet or whether I wanted to stick with a regular animal hospital. Unfortunately, it became apparent that Loki would need to see a vet on Wednesday after I found a tick crawling on him (not latched yet) and when I started noticing these little red rashes and bumps on his belly.

I finally decided to use the local Banfield hospital because they were cheap and I only wanted to determine whether the bites on him were ticks or not.

By some weird stroke of luck, one of the vets (and the one that we happened to see), turned out to be a holistic vet. We spent a while talking about natural flea & tick prevention because I was frustrated with the ineffectiveness of Revolution. Also spent a while talking about how to best feed Loki and how to best administer his boosters (and which ones are necessary!).

Needless to say, I'm thrilled that now I only have to drive 30 minutes to see a good vet (that supports raw!). Hopefully we don't land ourselves in the vet office again any time soon, but it's a relief knowing that there's someone there for us that actually understands where I come from (and that I can trust) when I ask whether Loki really needs all the pills each time he gets stress diarrhea.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that's cool -- I didn't know you could find holistic vets at Banfield!

Rocket said...

Good vets are very hard to find.