Friday, May 9, 2008

Proud to report...

Loki is now over his food aggression! He will no longer growl or snap at me if I approach him while he's eating. He will simply leave his food alone and walk away. If he already has a piece of chicken in his mouth, he will carry it back to his kennel and will finish it there.

Unfortunately, we're not up to the point where I can take food from his mouth yet. I don't know whether or not I want to work on that seeing as how I do not ever want to grab raw chicken from his mouth. However, I might have to one day... so I guess here goes the next stage in training.

I think what really helped Loki was his 1 week stay at my friend's house with her 6 bulldogs. He ate his meals in his kennel while the other dogs were roaming around. At first, he growled and snapped from within his kennel but by the end of the week, he was eating calmly because he realized no one would take his food.

At home, I now feed Loki in his kennel with the door open on rainy days, and on the backyard deck (watching him through a glass door) if it's a sunny day. He doesn't react when he sees us face to nose height through the glass door... so I guess he's somehow learned that we won't take his food.

I guess something we did clicked with him because Loki is now a normal dog once again. Finally...

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Amanda said...

Good deal! I don't ask Zoe to drop her food very often, but I will make her drop her chewies and play with it/her for a few mintues then give it back. DROP is a good command. I'm always having her drop things that shouldn't be in her mouth ;)