Saturday, May 17, 2008

'tis the life

We actually have a grassy backyard now, so lately Loki's been discovering how nice it is to lay down on the cool grass. He completely shuns his outdoors bed (or rather, two old patio furniture cushions that I tied together). Oh well. As long as he's happy. (Yes, that's a 30 inch bully stick. It STINKS.)

Meanwhile, Glitter plots her latest escape.

Glitter has gotten out twice over the last two days. My parents and I have developed a system where we let Loki loose (with a 30' lead still attached to his collar) to "chase down" Glitter. It's worked really well so far. Loki will chase her and pin her to the ground. As soon as he's sure she won't go anywhere, he'll back off but continue staring at her until we catch up to the two of them and pick her up. The first time, he trapped her at the base of a tree. The second time, he chased her right up to my neighbor's front door and cornered her until we caught up.

I'm really paranoid about letting Glitter out because Jason and I have already saved her from our roof (in NC) more than three times. If she somehow gets onto a neighbor's roof, I'm sure they wouldn't be too happy. I'm also paranoid because our block is right off a busy road where the posted speed limit is 40 (meaning people in NJ go at least 50) and there's only one house separating our's from that road. Maybe we'll eventually let her out again, but definitely not while I'm staying in NJ.

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dennisthevizsla said...

That's one acrobatic kitty!