Friday, May 23, 2008

Trip to the Zoo

Our trip to the zoo started off like any other zoo trip.

Saw a goat.

And their babies (note the chicken?!)

An emu.

Another chicken.

But things took a turn for the worse when we were the ones being stared at and stalked by a coyote.

So Loki decided he needed to get back to being the hunter rather than the hunted.

Poke poke, I need you to stand up so I can point at you! (Honestly, I didn't even know he was going to do this otherwise I would've stopped him. One second I was taking a picture of him staring at the baby deer and the next second he was poking it.)

The deer turned around and gave Loki a dirty dirty look. So Loki backed away.

And Pong Pong took over.

Loki didn't want to miss out on the fun so decided to rejoin in staring at the baby deer.

Since the deer wasn't coming out to play, they decided to wait patiently. We, of course, dragged them away. Next plan... take the dogs on a walk through the rest of the park!

So they walked... until Pong got tired.

And was carried for about 5 minutes.

By both people.

Loki wanted to jump in the water, but since that stream looked cloudy, we went off in search for the next one.

Loki jumped right in.

And Pong jumped to the little island in the middle of the stream (can be seen in Loki's picture.)

While waiting for their feet to dry off, we sat around the parking lot determining our next move. To the dog park it was!

Sorry Loki... not through the trunk...

Ahh... perfect ending to the perfect doggy day. (Then the humans all went to Olive Garden to treat ourselves after being outside and entertaining the doggies all day.)


Anonymous said...

hello loki its dennis the vizsla dog hay yore lucky that littel deer didnt wurk yoo over i heer they hav kwite the kick despite wot yoo may hav herd abowt the socalled bambi ok bye

Rocket said...

Zoo? hhmmm I'll have to talk to mom and dad and see about taking me to the zoo. That sound like fun.