Friday, May 2, 2008

We're baaaaack

And with lots of pictures!

Before Jason left, his family came down for a weekend and his brother brought along their pup, Dakota. Dakota's a rescued Beagle mix about 3 months younger than Loki.

We couldn't figure out where we could go with the dogs, so we just decided to go to the beach.

Yeah. Only the crazy people went in the water. It felt like 55 degrees that day due to the wind.

Obviously beach means bath, so like two little kids (rather, cousins!) Dakota and Loki got a bath together.

Here's Loki passed out with Jason's other brother:

Anyway. For then next 2 weeks, Loki and I were caught up with packing and moving. But before we knew it, we were in NJ!

Loki couldn't keep himself out of trouble, so he landed himself in jail once again.

Obviously he was too cute to stay there, so, FREEEEEDOM:

Still in the mids of unpacking, so I'll update later on this weekend with tales from the dog park (the police were called to the dog park last night!) and with an update on Loki's agility lesson which will hopefully happen some time next week.

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