Wednesday, July 16, 2008


So I guess I haven't been updating this thing enough (or at all). Even though I finished my summer classes (yay, 12 credits in 6 weeks!), I've decided to audit a class.

Loki's been busy with agility lessons and being a general monster around the house as well.

Lessons... have been slowly getting better. Loki is apparently the kamikaze dog. He's been able to conquer every single piece of equipment on the course but approaches them with such speed that we're just plain afraid that he'll choose to jump/fall off the A-frame or off the doggy walk midway through. Actually, today was his first day on the doggy walk, and he chose to run right off the side and on top of the tunnel that was underneath. Unfortunately, we have to keep him on the leash for most the lesson because his attention span is only the length of 3 obstacles.

He likes to practice at home. He does a "table up" onto the kitchen chair and another "table up" onto the kitchen table. He does a push while on the chair and pushes the entire thing over. At this point, we're all just wondering when he's going to do a "walk" on the deck railing.

We don't go to the dog park anymore because the weather has gotten unbearably hot/muggy and by the time I get back from class, it's dark. I have to figure out a productive way for Loki to get his energy out before he explodes. For now, Frisbee/soccer balls are going to have to suffice.

His skin allergies are getting so bad to the point where I'm considering doing the allergy test. He has not been rash-free since we first moved from NC no matter what we do. Some weeks are better than others, but this week, his entire belly is covered in hives and rashes. I try wiping him down completely after each romp outside, putting aloe/Benedryl on his belly and feeding him fish oil. The vet said the rashes were definitely contact allergies, but I think I might need to get a second opinion especially if nothing she said helped.

Well, that's all for now. I need to get pictures up soon... maybe when life slows down a bit though...


Anonymous said...

There you are! ;-)

We've had pretty good luck treating Trixie's allergies by feeding her raw local honey, but hers aren't contact allergies, they're pollen. Still, it might be worth a try if you can find some.

Rocket said...

Oh serious bummer on the contact allergy. Maybe try tilling up the lawn and planting different grass. Ha ha! just kidding. Good luck. That's a hard one to deal with.