Sunday, September 14, 2008


Called the pet hospital in NC and found out that they did indeed put two microchips in due to the whole mess with American scanners being unable to read European microchips. Now I can rest at ease knowing that this monster is 100% mine and that he didn't have a secret life before coming home with me and Jason.

I am proud to report that Loki's feet are finally paid off. It only took me two weeks of working part time to pay for everything. Ha. There's a Chinese saying that those with big nose are prone to power and money, but money flows easily from those with big nostrils. Let's see...

Yep. Those are some pretty big nostrils. 

His feet seem to be returning to normal. We bought a muzzle to prevent him from biting but only used it the first day we had it. Everything's still a bit red, but at least he's not mutilating himself anymore. Hopefully this allergy season passes quickly. Mine have been acting up like crazy and I really don't want to end up in the ER again with asthma problems. 

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