Saturday, February 2, 2008


We took Loki to the lake today to see how he'd react. He didn't want to get in at first, then accidentally fell in. After he fell in, he kept jumping in to play. He spent about half an hour digging up the mud/leaves at the bottom of the lake, trying to catch them while they floated in the water (meaning, he was biting at water) and trying to drag Jason in. It was pretty funny standing at the side watching Jason and Loki do a million laps around the lake. It was pretty unamusing, however, watching a soaking wet Loki climb into my backseat.

Had to give him a bath after all that mucky water, and the above was how he attempted to dry off. Actually, we sprayed this weird stuff on him that made him smell like apples. I guess he was trying to say something along the lines of, "I AM A BOY DOGGIE. I DO NOT NEED TO SMELL PRETTY. GET THIS STUFF OFFA ME!"


Oye. Every time I come online to post a new blog, I get distracted for some reason or another. Now, it looks as if I haven't posted in two months! Sheesh.

Well, much has happened since then. First, Loki is pretty much full grown now (I think). He weighs in at a good 55 pounds and stands at 23 inches. He's also getting very obedient to the point where he doesn't do most of those annoying puppy things - grabbing things from the table and playing catch me if you can, sneaking food from the table and getting in our faces every other second. He's more content just sitting around the house with us and unleashing his energy outside.

On the food aggression part, Loki bit Jason so hard that Jason had to get his hand stitched. It was pretty bad, and Jason was considering giving Loki away, but we decided to just work harder with him. Now, we're at the point where if we don't hesitate while taking his food away, we can do it without getting growled at or attacked. Before, he'd attack as soon as someone approached him eating.

We've also moved him to a meal of raw and a meal of Solid Gold Wolfcub each day until we get this aggression deal under control. He's never been aggressive with kibbles - only wet and raw. So far, there haven't been any problems with the mixing. I'm extremely uncomfortable with it though, so I really hope we can work out this thing with the food aggression soon.

Loki and Glitter have been getting along better lately. I guess it's because Glitter finally realized that she has claws and Loki has soft skin. I still hear screeches sometimes and a pained, "awoo-woo-wooooooo". But, I've never seen Loki bite Glitter hard enough to really harm her. The worst he's ever really done is put his disgusting doggy mouth around her head. She doesn't really seem to mind though.

Don't let those cool faces fool you. They're about to get into it.

Since it's been cold (yes it gets cold in SE Coastal North Carolina!), Loki's favorite place to sit is between me and the couch, facing the space heater. Obviously since I moved to take the picture, Loki felt the obligation to take up the entire couch.

Ah ha, busted browsing doggy porno.

Last week, Loki had a few friends over. I had to dogsit my friend's two dogs, Charlie and Sammy, while she went to Florida to take care of a few things for school. Somehow, Loki kept getting beat up on by Sammy. He didn't take well to the beating though. There wasn't a single quiet moment in this house other than when everyone fell asleep.

Jason, too, was beat up on by Sammy. Needless to say, the little tough pup was the star of the week.

That's it for now I guess. I promise I'll update this thing more often. Only problem is Loki himself is getting boring! He sticks to destroying his regular toys (he has a Tirebiter that he's destroyed more than half of) and doesn't make much trouble for us! I can't even add anything new to that list of destroyed items. He's also been perfectly healthy and potty trained. (Knock on wood.)

Just a few more portraits to end this blog.

(Vizslas are BEAUTIFUL!)