Friday, February 29, 2008

Wow, dangerous.

I decided a while ago that because my Spring Break was going to be while Jason was gone, I'd go up to NJ to visit some family and friends (also so that I wouldn't have to feel completely alone while in Jacksonville...)

Unfortunately, that meant taking a restless Loki-puppy-monster on a 9-10 hour drive.

Right before we left this morning (at 6 AM), I went to go put Loki's car harness on. Found that somehow, he grew enough in a month that the dang thing wouldn't fit around his chest anymore. Since it was 6 in the morning and I wasn't really awake, I decided that the backseat mesh barrier that was already in my car would do the trick of restraining him.

Didn't work. Loki started chewing off the strings of the mesh barrier even before we left the driveway (I don't know why... he's never done it before), and he was sitting next to me in the passenger seat staring out the front window by the time we hit the NC/VA border. I had his leash wrapped around the headrest, but he kept moving around that he kept undoing the wrap and would end up either free, or about to hang himself.

I'm annoyed at myself right now because I knew how dangerous it was for him to just be sitting there (if I got into an accident or something) and also because I knew how dangerous it would be for me while driving if Loki suddenly decided he wanted to be in my lap. I mean, I'm smart enough to get a travel kennel for Glitter, but not for Loki apparently.

It's a good thing we all made it alive, but just the possibilities alone scare me.

(Don't worry too much about the trip back - I've already purchased another travel harness for Loki, and I'm going back to Petco before I leave to see if I can possibly get a kennel for Loki that'll fit in my backseat and will fit him... any suggestions... I drive a tiny compact Toyota Corolla?)

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Seriously, I don't get it.

Loki has had a history of having random diarrhea and vomiting. Since we got him as a puppy, he's been to the vet at least once a month, and we've come home with a prescription for Metronidazole. He's also been stuck in the butt at least once a month, etc.

We thought that the diarrhea was because of allergies or whatever, so we switched his food to raw and grain free. That cured him of constantly chewing at his feet and itching his snout. But no avail on the diarrhea. That continued up until sometime in the beginning of January, and he's been fine since then.

I took him to the vet today because he's been playing with my friend's two puppies - one that was diagnosed with Coccidia two weeks ago, and one diagnosed with worms last week and he's been having diarrhea for about a week now. Apparently, we used up all our fecal samples through Banfield, so I had to pay for that. When the fecal test came back negative, they decided to test for Giardia since I told them about him playing in the lake and at the beach. Plus, they figured with him being such an active dog, it wouldn't be hard for him to get into something.

Negative negative negative. He had NOTHING (which, don't get me wrong or anything, if he had something, it'd probably be all the more expensive. But I spent $50 for them to tell me that he's fine!)!

Right before we left, the vet mentioned something about Loki being stressed and reacting to it by having diarrhea. I joked that he was just a dog, and what does he have to be stressed about?! Well, she mentioned something about Jason being gone for a longer period of time (i.e. a pack member being gone) and said that that could be a very good reason why Loki's having stress and diarrhea.

Got home and looked at this website.

"Apparently the "stress" of the new environment, possible kennel noises during the night and separation anxiety from missing his owners triggered a hypermotile gastrointestinal tract. The rapid passing of intestinal material creates stool that did not spend enough time in the large intestine to have the usual fluid reabsorption processes take place. Since semi-fluid intestinal contents must spend some time in the colon to have fluid reabsorption take place so that firm stool can be passed and rapid transit or early expelling of stool will result in loose feces rather than firm or hard feces. As in this specimen, even small amounts of blood will occasionally be seen in loose stool of neurogenic origin."

Also, "Neurogenic diarrhea or loose stool is seen in dogs that are boarded, suffer from motion sickness or travel stress, are suddenly placed in physically demanding situations or are frightened from storms or strange situations."

Sigh. Poor Loki.

Monday, February 25, 2008


Why do dogs find it fun to lie down and just squeak an extremely annoying/high pitched Cuz for 20 minutes straight?

Why was I stupid enough to encourage this behavior by buying Loki 5 more Cuz-s when his first one broke?

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Round 3!!!

I took Loki for a long 5 mile walk today and let him swim around the pond at the park. That apparently wasn't good enough for him because as soon as we got home, he decided to chew a hole on the bottom of the couch and started destuffing it.

I needed a quick fix solution until I got the chance to go to the store to pick up a sewing kit (I'm a newlywed, I don't have any of the "essentials!") and a patch, so I decided to tape the rip up with something every military spouse has - rolls and rolls of clear packing tape to mail boxes overseas and to pack everything up for a move.

This dog is pure evil.

I really hope this isn't the result of Jason being gone...