Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I miss Loki!

Jason and I decided a while ago to go on an Orlando vacation during his pre-deployment leave. Unfortunately, since there were no houses that allowed dogs or cats, we had to leave Loki and Glitter with a friend.

So now, Loki is frolicking with 4 English bulldogs and 1 Victorian Bulldog. He's taken a new girlfriend, Halo, the Victorian Bulldog, and according to my friend, he doesn't even act like he misses me at all!

Glitter is roaming around the house with my friend checking up on her every few days. She's well supplied with a feeder and a giant waterer.

But I miss them both =( It's the first time I've ever been away from them for more than a day. I found myself looking at pictures of Loki on my camera while waiting for a ride at Universal Studios yesterday.

Well, I guess that's it until Sunday. We'll be back in NC then, and Loki will be in his usual place. On my lap. Actually, no! We already sold the couch, so the only way Loki can be on my lap is if I sit on the floor.