Thursday, April 17, 2008


For the lack of updates. Between Jason leaving (and trying to find all his stuff to pack), me leaving NC (and trying to pack up the whole house), final exams and just a whirlwind of people visiting and saying "Bye" to Jason, I haven't had the time to update.

I probably won't until we get back to NJ though.

But on a positive note, I got in touch with a woman who runs the local agility club in NJ. Loki and I are going to start private 30 minute sessions with her when we return, and will hopefully be "advanced" enough to move into group sessions within a month.

Other than that, everything has been fairly normal. Loki hasn't shown any (more) signs of stress over moving (a week ago, I think he went on a hunger strike when all the furniture in the house disappeared - either that, or he had an upset belly). He's had plenty of friends over including my BIL's beagle mix and has played with his girlfriend, Halo, the Victorian Bulldog at least once a week.

He's been driving me absolutely insane at home though. It seems to me that the more active we "encourage" him to be over the weekends and during downtime, the more neurotic he is when we need him to be calm (and yes, we still walk him!). Jason and I find ourselves acting like dogs when Loki acts out by taking a toy, chasing him (and being chased) around the house with it. Unfortunately, our big field out back is no longer a safe option to play in as there are just too many strays around (Loki and I were chased by an aggressive off-leash pit the other week).

Well, more to come when we're in NJ.