Friday, August 8, 2008

Current Pictures

I thought I'd upload a picture and a video just to get some opinions on whether or not Loki really needs to lose some weight.

Losing Weight


We've been told by our agility trainer that Loki needs to lose some weight.

He's 57.5 pounds and a bit chunky for a Vizsla. I definitely grab more skin/fat off his neck/shoulder area than I really should be.

Honestly, I don't understand. He gets more than an hour of off-leash running at the dog park each day. We don't overfeed him - he gets 1 pound of raw in the morning and 1.5 cups of Innova Evo at night. Maybe he just has slow metabolism. Who knows.

My solution is to teach him how to use the treadmill. We've made decent progress so far. Loki's no longer afraid of the machine and will even sit on it when it's not moving. He's shown curiousity for the machine while it's on, and I've taught him to put one paw on it while it's moving. I can't figure out the next step though. Short of dragging him on the thing (and possibly scarring him for life), I'm out of ideas. Been doing a bit of reading online about how to train, so it's possible I'll have some video footage in a few weeks. Stay tuned...!

For now, you all get these two new pictures:

(Don't kill me for the bowtie Jason!)