Saturday, August 16, 2008

Your Dog is Worth it too, Day

Woke up at about 8:00 AM to drag Loki to this thing.

Tons and tons of fun. Stayed for about 3 hours before we got way too tired and decided to leave. Went with our best friend/worst enemy Pong. Stole all the following pictures from her blog.

There was... dock diving (which Loki didn't even attempt to try since he's petrified of water).

And tons of free samples.

(My loot was just about equal to Pong/Jenni's except we got Merrick's instead of Bil-Jac).

Free stuff for the humans too... (except Jenni got much more make-up than I did... no fair =( )

Got a big box of Milkbones from the Milkbone stacking competition. Apparently, in the time that I went to put our loot in the car and the time I got back, Jenni got herself stuck in a Milkbone stacking competition... Go figure.

Best friends forever? (Or maybe enemies...)

Loki started to get a bit sluggish so I decided to carry him. Yeah. that worked for about 10 seconds.

There was much more stuff to do there, but after loot collecting we all just got too tired to continue with anything else. Walked a few circles for a while then just headed home.

Saw a few Vizslas. Loki was definitely the largest/huskiest of them all. His head/snout was also much wider than the rest though, so I think it's just his bone structure.

Yeah. Loki's big-boned. That's my story and I'm sticking to it...