Thursday, October 9, 2008

Dog or Human?

In response to Dennis's post... I present you with another human Vizsla.

If anyone is curious as to how he draws the blankets up to his neck, the answer is simple - he just walks in from the other side throwing up the blanket with his head until he gets comfortably inside the blankets, curls up, and slowly sticks his nose/heads out as the temperature under the covers get too hot.

Right now, Loki is next to me with only his nose sticking out. His head is resting on my leg making it very hard for me to write my essay... and for some reason, his entire leg is extended across my leg.

Oh wait. He got out. And now he's panting.

Silly dog. Doesn't he realize that if it's too hot, that he can just get out of the blanket?!